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Load Testing

The load test feature includes configuring virtual users, ramp up, duration, iteration, and distribution of virtual users all across the globe. Users do not have to install any agents for load testing. AppDiagnos scripting tool is a fully visual tool; supports http, https, tcpip.
AppDiagnos has its load generator on cloud in 10+ locations on AWS cloud
AppDiagnos load gens are capable of generating up to 1500 virtual users per load gen (we use xlarge AWS machines)
AppDiagnos will create load gens dynamically based on your load test parameters. Users need not do any math for the number of load gens
If your servers have Denial of Service attack measures enabled, you need to allow the inbound traffic from our cloud load gens. We will disclose the DNS or IP range of our AWS load gens as required
AppDiagnos delivers an enterprise performance testing and capacity planning SaaS that backs any user situation for web services, web-apps, websites, or mobile apps.

  1. Dynamic Data Correlation
  2. Script Generator
  3. Data Parameters through CSV Files
  4. J Meter Support
  5. Cloud Load Generators
  6. Mobile Virtual User
  7. Performance Assurance Service