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Performance testing and load testing

Ensure your applications are built for performance before going live.
Developing the application needs a lot of confidence and expertise, but once the application is functionally ready the performance testing is going to play a very important role in making the application better. The AppDiagnos load testing tool allows you to generate scripts and perform simultaneous tests. The AppDiagnos experts will help you to arrive at a clear plan to assure performance of your apps and servers.
The load test feature includes configuring virtual users, ramp up, duration, iteration, and distribution of virtual users all across the globe.
AppDiagnos delivers an enterprise performance testing and capacity planning SaaS that backs any user situation for web services, web-apps, websites, or mobile apps.

  1. Dynamic Data Correlation
  2. Script Generator
  3. Data Parameters through CSV Files
  4. J Meter Support
  5. Cloud Load Generators
  6. Mobile Virtual User
  7. Performance Assurance Service

A Performance Assurance Plan will be provided to your QA and IT teams with clear action items and also a set of end-to-end performance service checklist will be provided as part of project management, along with test schedule. You are good to go If your team is ready to run the performance assurance plan using the AppDiagnos tool and execute it.

AppDiagnos is there to help you to get the necessary performance testing done. We start with the Performance Assurance plan. Our performance engineers will perform the required load test business transaction, prepare data and run the tests. Our performance engineers will install and configure necessary AppDiagnos monitoring agents on your servers

The test results will be analyzed by AppDiagnos and it will be presented to your team. When your development team fixes the performance issues, the tests will be executed again to ensure performance improvements.