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Synthetic User Monitoring (SUM)

The synthetic user monitoring is a great way to monitor to your most crucial user experience and take your application to the next level of user experience. The SUM will help you in many aspects like you will be the first to know before the website outage happens and avoid revenue loss & customer attrition. SUM helps to simulate user behavior and proactively detect performance problems from around the world and around the clock, before they impact their users. It will help in Pinging the application URLs and APIs and running simulations on real browsers with different versions from different locations to check if the most common paths traversed by users are responding fine. The easy-to-use latest standard WebDriver protocols, and selenium based automated regression test scripts used to test user simulated scenarios to test business logic and can be reused to run synthetic simulations in production. It identifies the exact step of failure by providing waterfall analysis of all page assets, pinpointing slow requests, broken links, large images, slow external API calls and more.The SUM also accelerates diagnosis with an automated browser screenshot of the failure.
IT will help you Understand how your application performs from particular locations. Speed is the most crucial aspect of user experience as it is what ensures a user’s confidence in your application. Have the ability to monitor your app from over 40 world-wide locations at your fingertips.

  1. Test your website from locations all over the world
  2. Emulate real user browsers to test your application
  3. Check real user connectivity with configurable connection speeds
  4. Simulate performance with actual mobile devices and browsers
  5. Receive alerts based on configurable thresholds
  6. Have the ability to get the status of the first time view and repeat view at your fingertips
  7. Test websites with multi-step transactions
  8. Unlock frequently overseen data via mobile synthetic monitoring
  9. Private Monitoring Mode is included