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360 Team View

The AppDiagnos 360 degree view is a perfect area to work on all the applications in a single place. You have many advantages in this dashboard and will be able to escalate or analyze all the issues in a single place. It is also a configurable 360 view where you can configure the tools which you wanted to compare.


The 360 degree performance has four divisions:

The first one is the health board where it contains the service maps, the application stack details and performance metric status. Every page in this view has a start date along with hours and minutes where you can set the time of performance and get the analytics part.


The next one is the service map which contains the application, server and the database.


The online performance view is a dashboard where the major part of the system can be seen. It has many options to customize the dashboard and view different summaries like the OPS view summary, SUM, RUM, page load time and ASD monitors.


The last sector in this area is the Hotspot which will let you know the response times of your application in different time zones or countries at the given respective date or time. The best example is that, if an e commerce company wanted to run a campaign for a sale, which will make them to drive heavy traffic to their application and hence the AppDiagnos will make a better response time of your application and the hotspot dashboard will allow you to know the working of the application in that area and make sure that the app is responsive at that point of time.


The 360 degree performance viewing is an easy way of analyzing the problem and it will make comparisons which will also give the best way to get triggered of an upcoming problem or a performance issue and you can fix the bugs without any delays.


AppDiagnos has an incredibly customizable dashboard view page and the user has the option to configure different services onto it. Dashboard view allows the user to view which counters, they have selected.