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Log Monitoring

Overseeing the actions that are occurring within an application is imperative in order to maintain a top tier application Visualize the actions that are occurring and create a custom dashboard to compliment your business.

Applications and subsystems are continuously writing log files. You can deduce the problem during any error through viewing your log files. Take control of your logs and use them in your application.

AppDiagnos Log File Monitoring helps you, to:


  1. View all log files in one single panel – a must-have for your devops team
  2. Visualize error patterns, drill down to the actual error text
  3. No need to get into different machines to look various log details
  4. View logs and errors in real time
  5. Log file details with performance metrics under one roof

AppDiagnos Log File Monitoring supports the following log file formats:


  1. Windows Events Log
  2. Syslog
  3. IIS Logs
  4. Tomcat Logs
  5. MS SQL Log
  6. MySQL log
  7. Postgres Log
  8. log4j logs

Logs can be used to identify problems from your servers or applications and visualize the logs from any of your servers in a centralized location, it allows you to identify issues from multiple servers by correlating their logs during a specific time frame